Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My row of garlic....

Here is my garlic story....
I went to buy garlic sets for my garden- and the sets were outrageously high priced- at least 10x the amount you spend for a head of garlic... so I went to the produce section in WalMart and picked up a 79 cent head of garlic and every single clove has sprouted!
The pictures aren't great- we are still picking up pine limbs, but I am impressed with my garlic shoots.

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Rowing and Sowing said...

ALrighty now - lol (I'm glad to see you have garlic and might know more that I do about it - harvesting it, dividing it,when to do it, etc.) I have had garlic coming up year after year in three huge clumps (beautiful stuff growing) but I have no clue when the best time is to harvest it, etc.) I don't know what kind it is - It has a beautiful flower, and when I have harvested it, and it's good-tasting garlic, but I need to spiff up on my garlic knowledge (seems when I tried to find out about it on the net - I couldn't find much)

I just smiled big at .... what's her name (your kitty kitty) over on Zoes! I can't remember her name. She's so cute :)

Have a great day!

A Softer Side said...

That would be "Itty Bitty"... she is a sweetheart.

As far as the garlic- I just stuck it in the ground (LOL) and am going to wait and see what happens. Seemed like a good idea at the time as I like roasted garlic. I figured they would be similar to onions ( haven't grown those before either!) so.... on to the adventure!

By the way- I love the DRD's; you know I have one of those myself (and a few cats and a few other rescues).

Rowing and Sowing said...

That's right! Itty Bitty! You have DRDs??? And DRC'S?? (cats :) And others ?? That's wonderful!! For them and for you, too! This rescue was the most emotional one I've ever EVER experienced, and it still tears me to up when I think of the life this poor sweet dog had lived. Although there are no marks or scars on her body, she's been very obviously beaten perhaps all her life (she trembles and whimpers and rolls over - belly-up position when appproached). But she melts once she is petted and knows that she's not going to be beaten. She very obviously lived on a chain, too (can see the mark all the way around her neck) and she's pregnant. When I saw her at that shack and sat on the ground with her and petted her for about an hour, well.... that was it. Our big dog lot had been empty for about two years (all my old babes had passed away) and I had truly been wanting another rescued dog (and I am convinced that Miss Jolly was totally meant to be the doggie for me and the doggie to break the empty dog lot back in :) She is adjusting well and gaining confidence each hour! She's not going totally belly up when you approach her, and she's not trembling and whimpering as badly! There's hope! Lots of it! She's just so sweet :)

You have a great one!

A Softer Side said...

Riley (the shepard mix on Zoes page) is a drd- she still does the belly up thing if you speak sharply - and I have had her since 2002. Unfortunately she was infested with heart worms as a puppy- too much so to treat - and I have been babying her acites for about 18 months - she is still with me and still happy, but the summer heat is hard for her so she has her own pool to cool off in.
Boogs (cat) is a drc; my kid brought her home on halloween night of 2001 (I was not in good health at that time and felt like a lab rat with the meds I was on) the last thing I needed was a real baby to eyedropper feed but thats what I did and through that really rough year, boogie slept under my chin; was with me for every injection, rode in my shirt pocket till she was too big and then on my shoulder when I would get up to do anything... there is nothing you can tell me about the rewards of a drc. I KNOW. To this day Boogs is the QUEEN of this household (and still rides on my shoulder like a little parrot or something). Itty Bitty and Zorro are her offspring.
Cyrus, the 20 year old man-poodle was also a rescue/ adoptee; he is an old show dog (I used to work for the breeder when I was a teen) and he needed a home when my daughter needed a dog- they were both six. He is another joy in my life.
Mr. Crabs (the turtle) was left here by a roommate who was going to flush him down the toilet as he had been injured. You can 'doctor' a turtle and he too is a joy. Amphibians have a great deal of personality.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Now that is a great idea Melissa !
I still remember planting my first garlic sprout when I was a kid .. it was so darn exciting to see it sprout and get bigger ..
Great 'growing" girl !

A Softer Side said...

The garlic is shooting up very well (in spite of everything). I know I will pickle some, infuse oil with some and may even dehydrate some slices. Home dried garlic is generally very sweet.