Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Apples everywhere!

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Lets Plant said...

Thats exciting! What kind of apples are they?

A Softer Side said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Honestly, about the apples I do not know; the tree was here long before I moved here. It is a semi tart canning or pie apple (not as tart as a granny smith) but delicious when eaten fresh off of the tree as well.

Unless the squirrels have a feast I should have more then I can ever use- so I share them with the local soup kitchen and one of the halfway houses.

Have a great evening!

mike in fort pierce fl said...

The apples look great. How long do they take to ripen?
Here is the link to the tree pot and seedling pot site. It is a little hard to understand at 1st but they have everything. You then must email your order and in a couple day you get a quote including shipping. My experience was good with them. here it is

A Softer Side said...

Mike- thanks for the website! Perhaps I will get seedling pots and trays for Mom's day - that is, if the other half happens to read my blog :).

As far as the apples; I should be able to make a small pie or a few dumplings in the next week to ten days; this is a bumper crop- even though the squirrels have demolished about a hundred (literally) babies. I might have to do some canning and freezing this year (which is not a bad thing).

Thanks again!

Philip Bewley said...

You have reminded me I really want an apple tree.

A Softer Side said...

The apple tree was here (and well established) before I bought the house. I have truly enjoyed the gifts from mom nature. I also have several blackberry brambles.... have you ever had an apple and blackberry pie? They are wonderful!