Friday, February 29, 2008

Moonies Galore!

For the record:

Burpee has moonflower seeds (bought at Wally World for 1.07).
There are about 19 seeds per package.


Zoe said...

It will be interesting to watch, I planted mine today in little greenjouses too. I can't seem yp make a post here..

ha ha..i love your little flags!...I used a sharpie but yanno..if thosw lids come off I'd be in trouble...better make some flags!...We need tp put these pics on secret garden as day one sadie hawkins moonies!!!...and row sent me the seeds...this is gonna be fun!

A Softer Side said...

Gonna send you a new invite.... maybe the skin messed you up?

Zoe said...

ok..i may have figured it out!...

Rowing and Sowing said...

Good morning! Those little things you're using look really cool! I've always planted direct in ground, which is fine if it all comes up and makes a nice stand, but when only a 1/2 row or 1/2 a hill comes up (sometimes that happens and it just irks me so when it does) I've always thought it would sure be great to have some "back up" to rely on (instead of replanting to fill in the gaps and then praying it comes up and does OK!) I might try my luck with new potatoes this year. Any pointers? I've never planted potatoes but I have one long row I can still fill in an early crop (the gourd spot). I won't plant the gourds till late May / early June, and so I'm thinking potatoes. I really don't know if I really want to be digging potatoes, though. LOL!

A Softer Side said...

Good Morning!

The jiffy pot things are from WalMart. Because we are having such crazy weather I thought I would start my garden in the house (we will go from occasional hard freezes to 90+ degrees in the next month). I hope next year I can just plant seeds outdoors, but, I do think the jiffy pot greenhouses would be good for the 'bare spots'.

I know nothing about new potatoes except that I am going to try to plant a few myself - remember this is my beginner garden; I havent had much more then a patio garden in several years. My most recent potato adventure was a sweet potato in a jar of water so I could have some greenery growing at work. I don't think that counts.

Have a great day!