Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Aside from the Moonies....

I just checked on my little seedlings; there are many.

We have:
2 spinach
6 bibb lettuce
5 leeks
3 scallions
2 bush beans (blue lake)
6 sugar snap peas

Not going to mention how many moonies (this is a vegetable post!) ok, Zoe?


Zoe said...

tapping my pen...tee hee!

Rowing and Sowing said...


LOL on not showing the Moonies!

Feather said...

Hi Soft,
Looks like spring has sprung..:)
I can't wait til it warms up here and I can get started. Actually I have plants started in my kitchen among the clutter from remodeling. Hope they make it thru all the construction going on in

A Softer Side said...

No spring yet, but.... getting closer all the time.

The young plants should be ok - keep them away from any strong chemicals and chemical odors (most chemicals have a residue) that might damage them.
Good luck.

Feather said...

There won't be any chemicals this weekend cause its too dang cold to open sleeting like crazy here right now and we are suppose to get anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of snow. Thats ok tho cause I went shopping this morning before it started and we have food!!
The only thing I am hating is my bradford pear trees are budding and its gonna mess them up like it did last year. You probably remember that. Oh well, nothing I can do.