Monday, March 10, 2008

So the hardening off begins! (Separation anxiety)

It appears that we are out of our frost threat season - which is wonderful as I have a jungle in my garden starting / greenhouse room.

My babies - the seedlings - will be going out in mom natures environment this morning - spend the day outside (and maybe the evening as well) to get ready for the big wide world of the garden plot! I raked andd hoed their rows yesterday; gathered pine straw to blanket the little darlings (I have a huge pine tree in the back yard, so that really wasn't very taxing), have saved a variety of containers to cover the seedlings in case of intemperate weather, added my compost for the worms, and... and.... Oh My! I have pre garden anxiety with a side of separation anxiety for my little seedlings! Its almost like sending my kid to summer camp for the first time (that IS an exaggeration, by the way- I think).

On a more practical side- the growing season here is SO hot, if one doesn't start early one misses out on many things (as it is I am not quite in the Farmers Almanac selected days - although I am right with the moon). At any rate, it is time.

By the way- hoeing is not like sweeping or raking leaves.... my bones and muscles have made me quite aware of that this morning.

I do think my 'over achiever' mentality might come in handy this season.

I wonder if I can find the sleeping bag so.... no... I don't need to sleep by the garden. Or do I?


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I'm not very good at hardening off plants. I think I forget them, and they fry outside. I wish I were better at it.~~Dee

A Softer Side said...

So far today my babies are loving the outdoors. The peas have tendrils shooting upwards, the beans, new leaves. I think today is the perfect day.

Rowing and Sowing said...

LOL on the separation anxiety. That's so funny to me. You do indeed have a early season there. I probably won't put tomatoes in the ground for at least another few weeks (and yours are nice and big and in the ground already!)